About Galim Tourism


Galim Tourism and Recreation is a veteran company, which was founded twenty years ago, and has raised the banner of uncompromising quality, reliability and affordable prices for the religious and haredi public.

Galim Tourism and Recreation specializes in marketing vacations, activities, events and attractions for the religious and haredi sectors while maintaining a unique production which is suitable for these sectors.

Hotels and vacations –

The vacations take place in different hotels around the country, and especially in the Dead Sea area. The vacations include a rich program of a variety of Torah lectures, varied and fascinating evening programs for the entire family, and an abundance of activities for all ages, while placing an emphasis on a warm and special haredi atmosphere, to the best of Galim’s tradition.

In addition, our company specializes in producing unique and exclusive vacations for women only.

During the summer vacation, Galim Tourism and Recreation is organizeing a dream family vacation overseas, while maintaining our principles.

The kashrus is glatt mehadrin (under the supervision of Harav Hagaon R’ Eliyahu Rottenberg shlita).

Water Parks

Galim Tourism and Recreation is unique in marketing the water parks in Israel, with separate swimming hours for men and women. These include the AshkelonaWaterPark, ChafetzChaimWaterPark, ActionPark and others.

Transportation and buses

Galim Tourism and Recreation supplies transportation services in new and luxurious buses.

Galim Tourism and Recreation are exclusive in organizing trips for schools and institutions all over Israel. We supply new and luxurious buses, experienced and professional tour guides, armed escorts, paramedics and everything needed, with the outstanding advantage of giving uncompromising service 24 hours a day.

We will be happy to be at your service always, and continue giving you personal and specialized service,

The Galim Tourism and Recreation team