Water parks in Israel

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Ger ready for the opening of summer 2013

And this year, Galim Tourism and Recreation company invites you to beautiful Parks in Israel:

Come jump into the water and enjoy yourselves up to the skies!

1. Ashkelona Water  Park

– located close to the Delilah beach, Ashkelon

As in each year, this year too our company will activate B”H the Ashkelona water park for the religious and haredi public.”Galim Tourism and Recreation” invites you to a sparkling and refreshing experience for perfect recreation in Ashkelona Water Park! Come jump into the water and enjoy yourselves to the heavens!
In the park there are huge water facilities, slides, amazing pools, a huge snepling bubble which is one of its kind in Israel! Water and fun facilities, lawns, all with standards which characterize the top water parks in the world!
“Ashkelona Water Park” is Shomer Shabbos for the thirteenth year in a row!
The park is also under the supervision of Mishmeres Hakodesh Vehachinuch.
The park covers an area of about 40 acres and includes:

v  a semi-Olympic giant swimming pool

v  a huge lagoon pool

v  a giant bubble rappelling one of its kind in the country.

v  Child’s world – a unique area for children with slides and an indoor and shaded pool.

v  two giant cellulom winding slides

v  two speed kamikaze slides

– The site holds a huge, shaded amphitheater which includes a sound system for shows.
– Another important element is the guarantee that all installations conform to Israeli security standards and are subject to constant supervision.
– Site security includes security personnel qualified in accordance with and as required by the competent security authorities.
The site will open for separate bathing from Lag BaOmer until Rosh Chodesh Elul.
During “Bein Hazmanim” happenings featuring performances and attractive activities will be held.
Our representatives will be happy to add information and provide additional explanations!

2. Water  Park and Amusement Park “Chafetz Chaim”- Kibutz Chafetz Chaim Water Park

Semi-Olympic pool, a huge wave pool, waterslide slalom, fast tube slide, golf tubes, 3 novel “Kamikaze” slides, three water slides for toddlers, semi-Olympic pool and a pool for toddlers.
Amusement park facilities
Ballerina, roller coaster, aircraft carousel, bumper cars, giant slide bags, baby car facility and a trampoline.
Bathing in the water park and entertainment is on separate hours for men and women, entry is only in modest dress.
There is a huge lawn area which is shaded with many shaded areas, a stage for shows, bathrooms, fountains and Glatt Kosher buffet.
Separate bathing – in the pleasant afternoon hours for the religious and haredi sector.
During Bein Hazmanim vacation:
All parks are under the safety standards and approvals required.
Contact us for an update on the special separate bathing dates and other information.

For coordination and orders Eti: 972-2-5818002