Women vocation in Israel – Glatt Kosher

Galim Tourism and Vacations specializes in organizing women-only vacations.

The entire hotel and its facilities, including the spa, are available for the exclusive use of the women,

with a glatt mehadrin hechsher, as well as a rich, unique program (in Hebrew) evening entertainment performances!!!

Don’t forgo your annual treat with Galim Tourism and Vacations. You deserve it!!!

During 2018, women’s vacations will be held at the Leonardo Plaza Dead Sea and the Caesar Premier in Tiberias

Summer vacations:

  • 24-28/6/2018 at the Leonardo Plaza Dead Sea hotel
  • 8-11/7/2018 at the Leonardo Plaza Dead Sea hotel
  • 8-12/7/2018 at the Caesar Premier in Tiberias

As demand for these vacations is very high, and registration closes early, it’s advisable to reserve a place right after Pesach.

You can add your name to our mailing list so you can receive an update as soon as registration opens.

If you are a member of an employees’ committee or a group leader – contact us so that we can design a package that perfectly suits the needs of your group!

Following is some general information regarding the special women’s vacations by Galim Tourism and Vacations:

  • During the vacation days, the entire hotel is for women only
  • Free entry to the hotel spa throughout the day
  • Gourmet cuisine –
  • The unique Galim Tourism and Vacation program includes workshops, lectures, water aerobics, sports, evening entertainment, and much more
  • Kashrus mehadrin min hamehadrin with an on site group of mashgichim

We’ll be happy to host you!